Based in Atlanta, Georgia, BHG is a family-owned business that invests in Hospitality Ventures in the Midwest and Southeastern Hotel Markets. BHG specializes in purchasing, renovating and stabilizing under performing assets for long term success. BHG Focuses on 4 aspects of the Hospitality Industry:


BHG invests in underperforming and/or value-add properties that are in A or B markets and/or Emerging Markets. With their close source of investors and lenders, BHG takes on any challenging projects that have an upside. Determining that upside requires many days of research and market study, as well as a comprehensive property and building evaluation that gives investors a true idea of acquisition costs, upgrades/renovations, and post renovation costs to eventually lead to a stabilized asset and create an option of successful Exit for investors. Numerous projects are in the pipeline for BHG. To find out more information and to invest with BHG contact us.


As a part of a hotel's lifecycle, properties require reinvestment through renovations and new Property Improvement Plans. BHG has its own construction and renovation team that handles all aspects of a new renovation project. Aside from their own properties, BHG also takes on projects from other hotels and helps owners get a quality renovation done in a cost efficient and timely manner. If you have a Renovation Project upcoming, please allow BHG to bid by using out contact us form.


BHG owns and operates all their properties. We have an experienced team of managers and sales experts who can adapt and teach others the methods of our successful structured management.


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